Logo / Brand Development
Mood / theme board exploring different associations with the word "dreams," establishing an early visual direction for the brand.
Digital sketches for different logo options. I wanted to visually convey dreams as a journey into the subconscious, so common symbols I found myself coming back to were eyes, wings, water, and ships. I felt very strongly that the logo should have a human tactile quality (to channel the organic nature of dreams), so most of my sketches were hand-drawn then translated digitally.
The final logo at different sizes, with color values, and guidelines given as to its use in different scenarios.
The app launch screen introduces the brand, sets the tone of the user's experience, and offers login options.
From the main menu, the user can either record a new dream, access their dream log to review past dreams, or browse a dictionary of dream symbolism.
Ever woken up from a dream and wanted to write it down in your journal, but there was no pen nearby? Or paper? Or you didn't feel like turning on your bedside light and being blinded? Or even opening your Notes app on your phone in the dark and being assaulted by the glaring white screen as you fumble to type, still half-asleep? Soma's interface is dark for a reason—so it's gentle on your eyes right after you wake up. It has an audio transcription feature so your fingers don't have to fumble.
Recording a dream automatically creates a new dated entry in your dream log. Here, you can correct any mistranslations from the transcriptions manually, and see words highlighted that exist in the dream dictionary, meaning they have some kind of symbolism attached to them. Tapping a highlighted word will display its meaning.
The sharing functionality of dreams via text, email, and social media is a necessity, considering how often people like to tell others every detail of that crazy dream they had last night.
The dictionary is browsable alphabetically, or the user can search for the keywords from their dream.
The dream log shows the user highlighted days on the calendar of when they have logged dreams. Tapping a highlighted day will bring up the recorded entry.
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