I'm a graphic designer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. 
I have my BA in Visual Communication from Northern Kentucky University, and I studied art history abroad in Prague.

I like to try different things and intentionally place myself in new environments—that's how I learn, and that's how I stay engaged. I've cranked out ads and banners in online advertising. I've worked in an audio/video studio producing motion graphics. I've contracted with brands like Grandin Road, refreshing their catalog design and developing their branding and positioning, rebranded a record store, and I've been a member of the marketing team at a property management company. I've also provided logo and brand identity support to many start-ups and fledgling businesses—I always want to see the little guy succeed.

I relish seemingly unsolvable problems. I see them more as puzzles than problems, and I have a knack for finding unconventional (yet effective) solutions. I believe in measuring twice and cutting once, and in the importance of spelling, collaboration, adaptability, typography, communication, and research.

On a typical Tuesday night, you'll most likely find me at home on the couch with my very handsome cat, Winston, eating Thai carryout and watching some sci-fi movie from the 70s with the subtitles on. And probably not drinking enough water. Never drinking enough water.

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